Day 30. A little dose of motivation.

The universe is telling you something when you come across two different posts/articles that talk about the importance of taking action and not overthinking. This is a topic I need to be writing about.

In one post on Facebook, Walter, the owner of Freelancer Kenya shared his insights about how we achieve clarity through action and not thought.

He talked about how the founder of Social Triggers, Derick Halpern came up with the idea to launch the site in 2009 but procrastinated for two years because he thought he wasn’t ready.

He eventually decided to pull the trigger (pun intended) and figure it out as he went along. The company is now a 7 figure business.

And in another, a friend who asked me to edit her article that’s going to be published on her blog shortly, mentions how overthinking can cause negative self-talk and self-doubt in our minds, which can cripple us from taking any form of action.

Often we have this idea in our heads. It may be to launch a blog, a website, start a business, or whatever. We’re excited. We think. That excitement remains. We then think some more. Slowly these little seeds of doubt fester:

“But I haven’t thought about this” and “What about this?”

“Shit, will this actually work?”

“I definitely need to think this through a little more.”

“I need to perfect things a little more before I’m ready.”

And so it goes.

We are our own worst enemy.

The truth is you’ll never, ever be ready.

The only way you’ll attain clarity is by taking action.

I’m not advocating blind action. Sure, you need some sort of strategy, but once you have an idea, get going. Do something.

I’m not saying the process will be easy.

More often than not you’ll find that you’ll slip, fall, and stumble along the way.

You’ll realize what doesn’t work (like a dead end in a maze).

You’ll have to change course. But with each change, of course, you’ll have greater clarity, and as you weave your way through the maze you’ll slowly find what it was that you were looking for all along.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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