Day 21 – places to find free stock photos.

When I started blogging I spent a lot of time trying to find free stock photos. Once I started digging I was confronted with many options. I tried many of them and soon realised that I’d need to choose a couple of go-to resource for images, otherwise, I’d waste time searching and choosing images for blog posts.

The one place I ended up using time and time again was Pixabay.

I found them to be one of the best photo aggregators. And the best thing? All their images are free. No attribution is required whether for commercial or personal use.

And when I didn’t find what I wanted on Pixabay, I’d turn to other places like Gratisographypicjumbo and Unsplash.

I recently discovered another gem, namely that of Pexels, and it’s replaced Pixabay, for now anyways. I find their images to be of higher quality. Not sure if that’s true or not. Perhaps I needed a change. Who knows?

Anyways, these are 5 of my favourite places to find free stock photos.

What are yours?

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