Day 19. Today’s topic – create great headlines with one tool.

You’ve written a great blog post, made the SEO tweaks, uploaded a feature image, chosen your keywords, and shared the post with your social media channels. You’re excited and expecting a ton of traffic. Instead, you get minimal click-throughs, no traffic, and you’re left scratching your head.

The truth is: no one will click through to read your content if you have a shitty headline, no matter how great or valuable your content is. So, what do you do?

You make use of the Co-schedule Headline Analyzer to test and tweak your headline. It’s a tool I use often. I’ll show you how it works by taking you through the process I used to choose the title for this blog post.

My first proposed titles was: A Tool That Will Help You Create Clickable Headlines. I typed it into the search box and hit analyse.

create great headlines with the headline analyzer

The tool gave me a grade by analysing the structure, grammar, and readability. See below:

headline score to help you create great headlines

It highlighted my use of common and uncommon words and looked at emotionality and power. Based on the grade it told me what to improve.

While a grade of 70 is good I wanted to make more tweaks.

I tried One Powerful Tool That Will Help You Create Clickable Headlines.

headline score

I wasn’t happy so I changed the title to How to Create Clickable Headlines With This Powerful Tool, I got this:

the analyzer grades your headlines

I made another tweak and got this:

analyses the structure of your headlines

Still not happy, I made one more change after doing some keyword research with Google Keyword Planner.

I changed my title to How to Create Great Headlines With One Powerful Tool.

the higher the headline score the better your headline

With a grade of 77, I called it quits, optimized my blog post for SEO, added a feature image, hit publish, and then shared across social media channels.

Have you used the Headline Analyzer? Why don’t you give it a try?

If you need any help to kickstart or advance your freelance writing career, please contact me at I won’t try and sell you anything or ask you to sign-up for my course (I don’t have one). I’m simply offering you help.



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