Why Should You Care?

Hi, I’m Nick. 

I create engaging content for websites, write high-quality content for magazines and help aspiring writers succeed.

I’m a marketing graduate who quit his job working for a startup, to travel. This was the starting point toward building a life on my terms.

What followed was a 15-month backpacking adventure, a blog launch, part-time work on a winery, experimentation with business ideas and the launch of my freelance writing business.

I managed to earn my first $1000 within two months by following a strategy by the professional blogger Bamidele Onibalusi of Writers In Charge.

I avoided content mills, landed high-paying gigs and have built a freelance writing business that comfortably rakes in $2500+/month, all within a year.

While I do consider myself a versatile writer – having written about everything from garage doors to language learning – feature writing and B2B blogging are my niches.

My feature writing involves transcribing interviews and writing 3000-word cover stories that are read by thousands of readers all over the world. 

My B2B blogging typically involves long-form blog posts about marketing and business topics.

Regardless, I believe in providing high-quality content, over communicating and building relationships with my clients.  

It’s not just about writing, I take time to understand my clients business, their target audience, and their content needs. 

The positive testimonials from clients such as FreshBooks, ZipSchedules, Small Business Today and Focus Media Group, to name but a few happy clients, are proof of that. 

Beyond my writing business, I’m also the co-founder WriteWorldwide – the go-to resource for freelance writers who use English as a second language.

There I – and three other writers – help writers whose first language isn’t English succeed in the world of freelance writing.

I’m a firm believer in sharing success with others who need guidance. Too often we achieve and keep it to ourselves. And for what? So we can wallow in our own achievements?

Sharing what you know is where success is built. This is where the value lies.

Speaking of value if you want to inquire about the value I can provide your business, don’t hesitate to email me directly at nick@nickdarlington.com or click on the blue box below.

I’m always happy to chat.

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